I have been thinking a lot about resilience these days.

Today I visited a cute small town in Central Florida enjoying their weekly market until I was asked if I am a registered voter. I asked what their petition was about when he indignantly said only citizens should vote in Florida. I asked what their intention was and said that I thought all can vote who meet the registration guidelines. Not one of my questions was answered. Instead, shockingly, I was called a lefty asshole. A woman around the same age as the proud inclusive NZ woman followed me continuing her incendiary language about what makes her America great.

As my friend and I ducked into a store I was trembling with fear and anger. Remembering I am at choice to continue my melodrama, even if it felt appropriate, I also remembered my well-being. So, we went to see the beach where I could bring my playful self to others.

Ignorance abounds even in sweet places on the top of the happiness index. Thich Nhat Hanh shares that, “there is suffering, yet the sky is blue, birds are singing, and babies are taking their first steps”.