We’re being bombarded with multitude of conflicting news and sales pitches for what constitutes a healthy diet. According to Google there have been around 130 million books published on diets, yet we continue to be confused as diabetes and heart disease grow in numbers each year along with inflammatory issues such as Arthritis.

We buy drinks with enough sugar in each one to last a lifetime and continue to believe the propaganda from the fast food and prepared food industries. What’s going on? Are we stupid? Do we have death wishes or are strangers to ourselves? One of the side effects of living our inner lives contrary to our well-being is immediate gratification. There is enough sugar or other addictive additives going into our food supply at competitive pricing, coupled with inauthentic stories that feed our sadness, that we close our heart in exchange for the story of lost care.

As sad as we can be and are many times, surround ourselves with sanghas of care. Stretch even in the hurt, to welcome new models, dispelling old stories that aren’t ours anyway. And each time we yell how do I do this anyway?  Do it.

Cup your hands and place on your heart.  Listen to these stories, allow you to feel them in your heart now. Breathe, feel the stories for what they are. Just watch and ask yourself if you want to write a new script, write it making changes as you desire till it feels in your heart, Yours.

When you live from your story, you will know, are you still holding your heart with your cupped hands.  Feel in your hands, send the feelings and thoughts to your mind with love. Smile at yourself as they go through your being. They are powerful, you’re the writer and director. Do you want that sugar laden drink or food, have you tasted real sweetness, it’s on your lips and in your heart. There’s the diet you’ve been longing.