Having a tribe, a community, offers a sense of belonging, which is one of the pillars of well-being. We are social beings and thrive in being a part of it. Yet, belonging without clarity of the self holds a possibility for separation. This paradox is complex with our health at its center.


Belonging is such a strong human behavior—we see children running to the sand box with others and adults creating handshakes and cannons of behavior. On the other hand, we have given away our personal stories to fit in at home, work, and church.


Are there any ways you question, even for a moment, groups you joined or continued from in family life? Do you tell yourself the stories or pledges you’ve made are just the entry fee to belong? And, that the benefits outweigh precarious situational possibilities?


Spend intentional time within; listen to your story. Reclaim stories you gave away or abandoned on the way. How do they fit today? Is your life in alignment with your core, your inner meaning?


How wondrous to belong and feel a part of various groups. Gift yourself these journeys while you bring yourself fully and authentically to the group. See how they feel as you offer YOU to them. Do they ask or require giving you away, or do they welcome your voice into the harmony?