Walk With Arnie

One-on-one conversations with clear spiritual direction.

This is a guided experience. Arnie will meet you where you are in life right now, and together you’ll walk forward toward your truth. Whatever you need to get there—spiritual direction, sacred financial advice, relationship insights, deeper connection—Arnie will provide it. These walks are all heart and soul. You’ll cleanse old stories, hammer through dark feelings, and peel back your layers.

After every walk and every talk, your feet will feel more firmly grounded and your momentum will pick up the pace.


You will literally put on a pair of comfy shoes and walk with Arnie. Because fresh air is healing and life reclamation is too important for chair-sitting. Local clients walk with Arnie in person. Worldwide clients walk with Arnie virtually (get your headphones and your sneakers ready!).


Arnie’s one-on-one friends commit to:

  • 2x 1-hour (ish) sessions per month + homework (We say “ish” because sessions are organic and Arnie loves to talk it all through)

If you’re ready to Walk With Arnie, fill out the form
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