We greet each other most of the time with a “How are you?”. Sometimes we mean it. And sometimes we do not. In fact, have you ever really answered the person honestly?

I’ve been aware and uncomfortable with empty words for years. But, especially today in this surreal moment, I am conscious of the hollowness of “how are you?” and other greetings that just do not connect.

What I’d rather see is that we actually take a moment to pause, reflect, and show care and concern. If we took a moment to truly care, what greeting would make sense to use?

When I connect, I tend to use my eyes and facial expression first. Sometimes words follow; sometimes they don’t need to. If we just slow down a little and care, we can find the right words. This is important in a time when visual cues from body language just aren’t there. A simple set of thoughtfully chosen words can make us feel as though our lives matter. Make a connection form a place of “I care” and “I love”.

Empty words are a part of busy lives. They exist in a world where networking and closing deals are more important than friendship, which Facebook redfined by a series of thumbs up. It’s lost it’s deepness.

Now is the time to connect intentionally.

Living into our stories and caring for one another is always worth the time. We have meaning and purpose. All of us. In fact, meaning is a foundation to a fulfilling life journey.

When you say “I care how you are right now,” it does not take away from anyone’s journey. Love only enhances. We can do better than “How are you?” Let’s connect on a deeper level.