Into the yes
It feels strange
As though I’ve been taken hostage
Into another land
Where smiles and chatting
going on all around.
Where am I and who asked for this,
hard for me to hide
I always sit in the back…

This room is round
I can’t find a place to hide
And others are looking at each other
But, no one’s voice is dominating
or leading a way
Feels spacious, unnerving
how do I find a place
As no one pushes or tells
Allowing for me to enter or not.

Someone has always been in front
Spouting stuff as right and wrong
So often hard to find my way,
To listen in the quiet
So, where are the talkers
those who tell
Which way it all goes.

As I hear quiet, the unnerving
Presence of Yes
Enters as a whisper,
And without loud wind
Beating down my armor
Its sound stronger, spacious
And I slowly feel me