Arnie is a friend.

By experience and education, Arnie is a certified Spiritual Director, a PhD, a poet, a health consultant, a certified financial planner, and a chaplain. He is an expert in a lot of big and important things. A wealth of wisdom and knowledge. By humanity, he is a friend. The warmest and brightest light in the room. A hugger. A conversationalist. The kind of man whom strangers gravitate toward because his energy is clearly special and being near him feels like a healing. He’s also a father, an ex-husband, a cancer survivor. A man who’s walked an impossibly bumpy road. He is all the layers of a human being with a lived life. Buy him a glass of wine—heck, a bottle—and he’ll tell you all about it.

Arnie is an ardent listener. He stands his ground for what he knows to be true. When the doctor told him “You’re dying.” He said confidently, “No, that’s not happening,” and bought a house from his hospital bed—for his family to live in when he survived. Which he did.

Through deep meditation, open spirituality, Chinese medicine, and rich friendships, Arnie found his way to sublime. The place where he is his true self, without walls and facades, old stories and other people’s shit on his shoulders. He just is. To arrive, he paired spirituality (the air) with deep work (the earth). Doing the hard work was essential for him to find his way home. Now he’s guiding others to their true home, too.

Arnie works with people all over the world who know there is more yet don’t know how to get it. He both walks one-on-one with individuals who want to find and experience meaningful life change and hosts spiritual experiences for small groups that guide people toward personal clarity and well-being. (Also toward really great restaurants in pretty much any city in the world.)

Arnie is refreshingly honest and he’s incredibly kind. He feels the weight of heavy hearts and misguided lives deeply. So he uses love, wisdom, spirituality, humour, fresh air, and food to guide people home.

Together we find home

by Arnie Freiman


Come In Come In
I’ve been waiting
for you
You’ve taken your time,
but no matter.
You’re here.
You say
You thought we didn’t exist
Only in your dreams
So are you awake now
and how does it feel
Real is where you are
at the time you choose
So welcome again


You’re awake if you feel
and journey with the Other
Together we find home
the natural state of your being
Come; we’ll go together
Sharing makes it real
So it’s you for now
Enjoy down deep
Where feelings are home
Stay for a while till
you awake anew.