It’s time to move forward.
Together we will walk, laugh,
cry, and get back down
to your life.


Arnie has spent the last fifty years living, studying, and leading. He’s a pioneer of sorts—he co-founded the first acupuncture school in the US, founded the first naturopathic college in California, and founded post-religious spiritual groups too. He also battled cancer, raised a family, and wrote a book (Befriending Your Stranger). He’s a bit of a disruptor, really. He likes to push boundaries and explore possibilities through spiritual teaching and deep work. He has no patience for the status quo. “Life should be playful,” he says.

Are you ready to move forward together?

Arnie offers individual one-on-one consultations and group experiences for those who feel stuck. There’s a whole lotta floating going on. And, as a result, we’re feeling lost in our old ways. Arnie walks with you to dig deeper, find what’s not working in your life—whether it’s financial, spiritual, health, or educational—and offers a path forward.
You can’t just pop in a self-help book and wait until you hear the “ding” of inner contentment. But you can start your journey here.

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Walk With Arnie


One-on-one guidance and accountability every month. This is deep work in the fresh air. Itʼs sometimes uncomfortable, always practical, often emotional. It is momentum for your life. Walk together in person or online.

Go Into The Portal


Arnie talks about going inward a lot. In fact, he’s writing a new book about it. In the meantime, you’re invited to practice step by step. It takes time and grace, openness and commitment to go into the Portal. Once there, Arnie will guide you inward to your inner most self…

Find Your Way Home to You



A 2 ½-day small-group experience for individuals who are done with sleeping through life and are ready to awaken and move forward to joy. Disclaimer: This is not easy work; itʼs life-changing work. Arnie will guide you and walk along side you as you find your way home to you. The real you. There’s a little hand-holding, practical steps, authentic tears and laughter, fresh air, and really good food and wine, too. Together, we will find your truth. Your true “home”.

Not just another new age blabberer.

Arnie walks the earth just like you—with regular hills and valleys. Broken heart? Yep, heʼs had a few. Divorce? Been there. Cancer? Slayed that dragon. Arnie is a human being first and admits freely that his own path to self-reclamation has been a bumpy one. He works with people who are struggling to find direction and gives them practical tools to transform inspiration into action. His clients find joy.


Looking for who you are

by Arnie Freiman

So you are busy in the world
Being success and looking
But we know that inside
You are a child
Looking for who you are.
Like the rest of us
Who cry or want to…
For the mother who loved too
And the father who couldn’t
You want to know
Why you push so hard
Why you sit with others
Quoting the latest achievers
As they don’t show their pain.
Take a chance
Open to the other
You may find
They bleed like you
And need to cry
The long loud shriek
That hurts at it winds
Its way to your core
Speak from where it’s felt
What can happen
Except hearing your truth
And knowing you belong.

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