When we create forms, such as institutions, we want them to last, sometimes too long where they believe they are Right. Is there an inherent correctness to each religious group, do they have direct communication with the divine while others do not. Do these human formed beliefs close the possibility of conversation on important matters for our planet. Is there a time to everything… where might shows who is right. There are gatherings today where folks share ideas, explore the unseen. This is sharing rather than telling young and old stories that nourish. And then there are organizations led by primitive stories wanting control through guilt, control and separation. Have you acted out of fear or tightly held beliefs only to regret later? Or have you forced or told others, possibly children, partner or friends rather than sharing, asking for their ideas?

Why will folks perform genocide, how much today and historically.

What does all this say of our species.

Can we create form without doing violence to one another.

Can we love– do you have any idea what is love or do you mistake lust