I am wondering if egos are running around—you know those malevolent smiles from folks in positions to make a difference?—are more prevalent today. I lived in this bubble of healers, holistic folks and vegans for many years. I thought everything was just the way it was meant to be and all was good. Religious speakers that tell us we are born in the Image, but we have sinned… or we are all good since spirit is always good.

We have been given an extraordinary gift and opportunity to practice, to do the work of being sacred human. Smiling when we speak rather than listen, have words ready instead of paying attention to the moment, breathe feed our advanced place, not our primitive brain. We all have glimmers of our higher gift, but it came with a pay attention offer. 

Is it just easier to forget and act as though we do not know? Yes… This takes practice, as does most gifts of wonder. If we are treating one another as commodities or worse, stop for a moment or longer, time is not the issue, being present listening for guidance, giving the space for grace to come home. Diffuse the lower, it shows in many forms, come with elegance and care, what a surprise.

Surrender is such a scary word in the land of might, we may then have no power. Power is so misunderstood, just look at the Bully in the big house. Power is going within, slowing it down, love self, know that it is a part of the interbeing. Bring your Higher Being into the room, don’t pay attention to the wounded souls that seduce with false stories and promises. Know your divine and with daily practice you can be in the (your) flow.