Well, here we are and it continues to be a mess in my mind and heart. Regular readers of mine may know that I intentionally work on taking in stimuli through my heart, then sending to mind to be dispersed wherever it goes. I am in a large tizzy in the ways we are choosing to respond these days. It is numbing.

New Zealand is demonstrating Servant Leadership, while the US must believe that denial is a good place to reside. No COVID cases in NZ and millions here. Some people seems to think we are “making great again” while taking people off health care in the middle of a pandemic, public schools not receiving adequate funding or support, lying and turning on one another.

I had to take a break from writing just to relocate my heart, to hold it as it weeps and find our good again. It was not easy. It still isn’t. Yet, I realize this journey we are on is not about easy. I choose to practice even more and take more walks in the heat, simply so I can feel all the feelings. I have friends who still hold on to the idea that their vote is meaningless. No no. It all has meaning. We cannot have an engaged society when less than half vote and many who want to vote are refused.

COVID and voting. It’s all intertwined in feeling our hearts and knowing, knowing that we are One. COVID is as much, or more, a spiritual virus as it is a physical one. I walk, I breathe, cry, jump and talk with folks. Wearing masks or not, throwing cigs on the grass in parks, do we still need to be told or punished.

How about feeling one another? If it is too hard or painful, breathe some more.

Breathe till you cry out for a country that will vote for Servant Leaders.

Reconnect with your heart.
Take care.