Go Into The Portal

I will guide you inward. You keep the journey going.

We all have an inner portal. We don’t walk through a bright, glowing oval in the room. This isn’t the movies. But we do move to a deeper place inside. I coach people on how to arrive here—and then how to write their own story, the real story of you, once they find their way home. Sure, it might sound a little woo-woo. It’s also life-changing. I promise.

Try it first at home and see how far you get. Little strides go a long way. Then contact me. With one-on-one virtual coaching sessions, I can guide.

Go into your portal. Give a go solo.
  • Slow Down
    I call this “active quiet rest”. Before you can go inward, you much learn to pause. To do this: • Breathe intentionally • Avoid involvement in your surroundings / detach • Accept that there is nothing to do Do Step 1 for a few moments over a few days until you find it simple to slow yourself down.
  • Sit & Listen
    Sit comfortably in a way that allows you to stay fully awake. (Do not lean into your La-Z-boy or lay on your bed.) Sit in an upright chair or on a cushion on the floor. Be comfortable. And just breathe and listen.
    That’s it. Listen and breathe. Breathe and listen.
    This is going to drive you bonkers at first. Keep on until this stillness becomes natural.
  • Find Your Place of Comfort
    Look for a place in your mind’s eye where you want to return. Then go there (This is where the woo-woo aspect shows up. Go with it.)
    You’ll know it’s the right place because you’ll like being there. It’ll call to you in a very special way. Go there. See it, feel it, smell it and go in your heart and mind.
  • Acknowledge Your Inner Voice
    Introspection is a gift. We offer it to ourselves and bring it to our community and the world.
    So in this place of the heart, I invite you to soften. Listen to your own story. Breathe. Smile. Maybe laugh or cry. Acknowledge that you are in there.
  • Take The Reins
    When you can see and feel glimmers of what sounds true in your journey, you can finally take the reins. This is a vital place in your “going into the portal” journey. You may see a faint light in the distance. Move toward that light. (This is not your ending; it’s your beginning. I promise.) You’re on your way in, and at this point, have little room for being told what to do (freedom of being. Yes!). Here, you are learning resonance.
  • Cup Hands to Your Heart & Surrender
    In the process of greeting Self and showing up in the world with integrity, letting the heart lead is a powerful tool. Softening the heart is a place of power; it is a Spiritual gift.
    Cup your hands around your heart space. Quietly breathe and flow with the feelings as they arise. Stay with cupped hands until you direct your thoughts and feelings through your heart on their way to the rest of the body.
  • Write a New Story
    As you feel your life inside your Portal, you are going to see the big screen in your third eye. You are the writer and director, even the costume designer and choreographer of this script.
    Listen to your story within. How is it? Does it feel in alignment? As you listen more, give yourself permission to Be.
    You’re doing it.
    You’re going in.
    You are in.
  • Be Okay With Discomfort
    You are interfering with all of your old stories to make room for you anew. There is comfort in old stories, so your new stories may feel uncomfortable for awhile. Write and draw the real story of you. Keep watching your breath and story arise.
  • Sink In and Make New Habits
    This final step requires discipline. And I know it’s hard. But you’ve come this far. You started with merely sitting and breathing. You found your way into your Portal. You wrote a new story. You are taking the reins and making change. Know that you can do this too.
    What I’d like you to do FOR YOU to make new habits that serve your new story is this: Three times a day, at the same time, choose to sit and go back to Step One. Breathe, slow yourself and the monkey brain you bring with you.
$1000 / 9 1-hour sessions

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