Find Your Way Home to You

Spend two life-changing days with a small group of incredible folks like you learning how to reclaim a life that’s true.

Move from being asleep to becoming awake and arriving home to your true self. The work is hard and it’s worth it. Arnie will guide you and a dozen others toward self-reclamation and real joy. You’ll establish a connection with your true self beyond definition and learn new habits to support a deeper sense of awareness. It’ll change the course of your life moving forward.

This isn’t a desks-n’-homework kind of workshop. We’re not goal-setting and following templates. Arnie doesn’t stand at the front of a room and blabber on about lah-di-dah new age-y shit. This is an intimate gathering of new friends in a state of collective reclamation. Everyone shows up from a place of deep integrity. All hearts are open. All souls are ready. And zero participants are jerks. Anyone who shows up with a bad attitude will be asked to leave.

For two days (and probably long afterward), we are all friends who will support each other toward joy. Our journey together will be a memorable one.

DAY 1:
  • Your story — what is it and whose is it really?
    We’ll deconstruct the stories we’ve been living. There’ll be a lot of jaws dropped and defining moments of clarity. It’s big.
  • How to find the flow
    You’re going to feel a little bit like a stranger to yourself. We’ll work through how to move from struggle to flow and recreate a life in light.
  • Walk into wonder
    We’ll pop outside and walk into wonder and feel into the beauty of not knowing.
DAY 2:
  • The perfect place
    We uncover your magic spot—the place where you can write, dance, sing, cry, be you. What is it and how to you get there?
  • Living sacredly
    We’ll move the group from ordinary time to liminal time, and uncover the gifts of gratitude.
  • How to live in the Yes
    We’ll find our Sangha—our enlightened community—and the opening to a life of Yes.
  • Let’s eat!
    We’ll end our experience with a shared feast that we prepare as a group and eat with grace and blessing.

Arnie never ever leaves his friends floating without direction. Your experience includes a personal follow-up call with Arnie two weeks after you’ve had time to digest your experience. You’ll talk about what you learned, where you’re going, and what support you might need to keep rolling forward. Talk for as long as you need to—there is no clock ticking here. The path to self-reclamation can be long and frightening. Arnie is here to guide you on it.



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