I look at faces more these days, the eyes and mouths, what is the energy being shared. How do we miss evil, our educational system has indeed developed models so we do not listen to our intuition, trust the unseen realm that is real and beckoning us in.
But, this life is not multiple choice or true-false. It is filled with gradations of colors, smells and tones. We want so badly, that we forgo our sensitive selves and surrender scares as it is misused.
In times where the charlatans are sending out the messages, we must practice more deeply, listen to where truth resides.
Is it hard to listen past the noise and lies. Discern where to listen and to whom. Those of us with tender hearts, who take in information through this fragile portal, take care. Maybe we do not try to make nice and learn how to care without losing our true strength, maybe we serve as guides to living directly, rather than passive aggressive hide and seek. Enter with our hearts leading and our minds available to ponder and act.

All is not light and happy. Life is bigger, holding light and dark. Jung showed us shadows, the Buddha said there is suffering, yet more… called to practice…