My mind has been reflecting on the ways so much of our society is built on ego stroking. You know: The unfortunate way folks hold themselves and build many of our societal models including the Judicial System, instead of speaking our truth. The players position and jockey for power and ownership.

Have you ever noticed faces and words that are about winning and manipulation?

The US has the dubious distinction of being home to 70-80% of the worlds’ attorneys. That is one attorney for every 300 people (except in our nation’s capital where it is one attorney for every 22 people.) The US has the largest number of lawyers in our legislatures. The higher the share of attorneys there, the more unequal society is. As they raise war chests from the most wealthy, guess where votes and favors go? I do not hear or witness any care or support. Even our structures are tainted—schools, for instance, are now seeing admissions manipulated for money.

I played Monopoly as a child and young adult. I was taught that owning most of the money equated to control. And control meant winning the game of life. We now have TV shows that glorify the wealthy, the melodramas among women along with egos devouring one another. There’s even a station that began as highbrow entertainment, showing today’s primitive brain behavior. We only allow one or two shows to discuss inner personal growth. How can this possibly satisfy our hunger for care, love and belonging?

I am a child of the 60 and 70s, a time which contradicted war and control games. We thought we could shift the stories of a god who demanded retribution to a loving inner directed Sacred within us all. And as I intentionally choose to bring impulses through my heart, I find it more challenging each day. Bravado and lying are not appropriate behavior. Faux religious leaders who defend immoral leaders just add to the heart pain of this society.

To overcome this time of great ego and bravado and offset it with what I think we need more—love, care, and support—I am learning Discernment. I am continuing to find my Home, which is with folks who are doing the on-going work of being awake. We say no to the posturing by saying Yes to a life of Love and Care, reclaim your Self sharing You with Intention.