The latest World Happiness Index recently came out. And the U.S. continues its slide downward. No surprise that the Scandinavian countries are on top followed by New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

The tragic shooting in Christchurch, NZ had their extraordinary Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, wearing a hijab offering financial support to the families of the mad shooter (a rare occurrence in this peaceful nation) and immediately acted to change gun laws. The Dali Lama called Ms. Ardern a living example of how a leader responds with calmness and compassion.

Finland, the country in first place, continues its basic income experiment. At the very least their hearts and minds are focused on human as sacred beings.

We live in the US with anxiety as commonplace. I hold my heart a lot these days, knowing that if we just treated one another with care and love, we would all prosper. Our President is a bully (and more), with many of his supporters wanting to take health care away from others in need as well as continuing to make higher education out of reach for many. The US continues to assert itself as a bountiful land for the few. This comes from fear of loss. Too many feel it is their right for abundance pulling up the draw bridge of sharing. People in the happiest nations engage in decisions, nearly all voting as an act of shared responsibility (of course voting is accessible and encouraged).

I attended a Quaker meeting in Wellington, NZ when I lived there a few years ago. After meeting for worship a spunky elder woman asked if I understood their Proportional Government. She proudly exclaimed that she along with others were instrumental in bringing it about. Proud that the smaller political parties may have a seat at the table ensuring a government of compromise and care.

We have an important election coming soon, let us befriend our sacred selves honoring our shared story for the benefit of all.