Sit for a while, and try on how it feels to come to another in moments of joy or disharmony listening. How does this feel? Listen before speaking, and listen some more.


I was raised where the modeling was to speak and keep speaking louder and louder. As the volume escalated so did the emotional violence.


Now I listen, when I inevitably want to emote, I place my cupped hands on my heart. I feel the rhythm and listen to my frequency. And, as I’m comforted, I know we each hear or want to hear our rhythms. Coming to relationships with love asks for us to stay quiet and pay attention.


We can learn habits that support sacred care, that honor our sacred way. I choose to live with this intention and practice it. When we practice being awake and come to each other as though we matter, violent behavior softens. We feel wonderful with ourselves and one another, and we live Sacred.