A brilliant and caring Constitutional Law Professor at one of our elite Universities has said a couple of rather forthright statements—that we have an anti-president and that folks who support this behavior are pathetic excuses for human beings. This is no longer about politics; our hearts are pumping feverishly, and the soul of our nation is at stake. The professor went on to state that our nation has had scoundrels before, but not one whose sole intent is to fill his personal coffers.


We are being given an opportunity to listen to our hearts, to quietly hear the rhythm and feel our pace. Are we engaged in our democratic experiment—whether attending neighborhood gatherings or picking a cause? We could be ensuring our towns are walk-able, meeting folks along our paths, or simply showing up to have our voices heard. I have been thinking a lot lately about Servant Leadership and a model of shared leadership found in Quaker meetings.


I witnessed the challenging and extraordinary behavior there when care and thought are placed front and center. People can hold on to their beliefs, believing they are true, yet being witness to a coming together that can ensue if we pay attention, listen, and grow. Bullies do not allow for this magic to happen. They coerce and act ugly. We can hold on to our beauty with a smile, with eyes that twinkle, and with energy we radiate. I watch myself throwing out anger less these days as it builds. I understand the essence of being a part of, being a servant, or a carer. And, I understand a new way to see the word surrender, asking my ego to stand aside for awhile, listening to my inner strength and playing well—together.