When a glass drops…
When we cannot open a jar…
When we get lost on the same trip a dozen times…

You know these feelings. I know them, too. Our inside feels tight and we are upset. And these are just trivial things, really. So what happens when something important occurs?

How often do you find yourself angry at yourself or others? Was there a reason? Do you respond too quickly? Or do you allow space for thought and care?

We are not taking a breath before responding. Not one single breath. And we deserve to be taking many.

How often do you have an answer—even if it’s ridiculous—that you spit out quickly to protect the silly or harmful thing you are doing or saying. For instance, I asked a person in the park the other day to please smoke in a more private place. His response was immediate. Not one single thought. He threw his lit cigarette-butt on the ground in defiance. So I asked that he please not throw the light. His angry words came flying off his tongue, laced with negativity. Again, he did not take one breath.

We protect our behaviors and our ways fiercely. We tell ourselves that we don’t need to change; everything is fine. But really, change or transition is just seen as difficult or impossible.

The Buddha said we can shift karma. All it takes is daily practice. Gurdjieff stated we act as machines, but we also have the capacity to be human. All it takes is daily work.

Why are we still acting in ways that hurt ourselves, each other and our communities? Breathe, slow down, pay attention. Take a breath. Let life serve you.