I’m not sure why living as human instead of machine takes daily work. It could be appreciation and gratitude were not a given at birth. It could be that growing up in a family using emotional blackmail provides challenges we believe is the way of things. I’ve learned asking why is not as important as the work. What I am aware of is that I received a gift of this life. It took a lifetime to know even though it was a moment of gratitude. I started listening more, paying attention instead of needing to be right, being the center of all. In the quiet I was humbled by the shear magnificence of this rarefied offering.

Yet, work it is or at least sharing this journey with like-minded. No need to play with the spiritual elite, who believe they sit next to the divine. Here we are and some thoughts on how we can do it with grace. Find a community. Even one or two folks who make buddy support primary in their life. Remind ourselves we are a part, not the only recipient of the gift, be a giver. Bring kindness rather than “great again” to our lands. Believe what we cannot see, start seeing through our hearts and imagination. And journey into wonder playfully.